With a Little Help from our Friends

With a Little Help From Our Friends

Friday September 12, 2014 at 8 p.m.

Fox Theatre
2215 Broadway Street, Redwood City

The concert benefits Redwood Symphony's
Community and Cultural Outreach Programs.

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Redwood Symphony will once again join forces with the White Album Ensemble of Santa Cruz for a memorable performance of live Beatles’ music at 8 p.m. on September 12 at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City, benefitting Redwood Symphony’s Community and Cultural Outreach programs.

Blending the worlds of classical and pop, this concert will provide a rich romp through the music that multiple generations of music lovers continue to enjoy together. It will build on last year's acclaimed "Here Comes the Sun!" benefit and will feature a nostalgic trip down Abbey Road with a full orchestra, under the creative baton of Maestro Eric Kujawsky, backing this remarkable eight-piece band. The lush sound of the symphony will fill out those unforgettable melodies from everyone’s favorite icons of rock and roll.

The Beatles occupy a hallowed place at the very top of the popular
music pantheon. Their post-touring repertoire, beginning with Sgt. Pepper, is among the most impressively innovative music of the past 50 years. That's exactly the repertoire that this concert will celebrate — with a full symphony orchestra accompanying the unique Santa Cruz-based White Album Ensemble.

Setting itself apart from Beatles “tribute bands,” the White Album Ensemble specializes in the post-touring Beatles repertoire, recreating them in their original arrangements, lovingly reconstructed from the actual recordings. Featuring some of the Beatles' most modernistic and artistic songs that producer George Martin (the Fifth Beatle) added orchestral instruments to, as well as interesting sound effects, edits, and distortions, this concert will include music the Beatles themselves never played live.

The White Album Ensemble features a core of talented musicians and friends who have been performing together for years, including former members of the Doobie Brothers, Quicksilver, Snail, the Little River Band and many more. The White Album Ensemble has refined its symphonic collaboration performing with other orchestras, but none included the full symphony that its performances with Redwood Symphony have.

Last year’s audience left the theater humming Beatles tunes and bursting with enthusiasm for the remarkable show. You won’t want to miss this year’s rendition!

Excerpt from Here Comes the Sun, last year's Beatles tribute with White Album Ensemble
August 10, 2013